What you know about Inception movie online?

Inception is a film by the cult director Christopher Nolan, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and has won four Oscars for its creators. This is a movie that is worth watching online. In the not too distant future, industrial espionage will develop to the point where spies can extract information directly from a person’s brain while he is sleeping.

Inception movie online

Cobb is one of the best extractors in the world, if not the best. He is on the international wanted list for the murder of his wife and therefore cannot return to America to his children. Therefore, when Saito turns to Cobb for help, promising in exchange to hush up this criminal story, he does not hesitate to agree. He assembles the best-of-breed extraction team. However, this is not what Saito needs, on the contrary, he needs to introduce the idea into another person’s head. All with one voice say that this is impossible. Everyone except Cobb. After all, he had already tried the implementation once – on his wife.

According to legend, Christopher Nolan came up with the idea of ​​”Inception” when he was 16 years old, but to implement it, the director needed more than twenty years of practice and one “Black Knight”, the fees of which and the studio’s keen desire to collect also on the third film about Batman, became reason enough to demand 200 million for the original tape about a diesel locomotive rolling through the central streets of New York. And it is not clear what is more surprising here – that millions have given or that millions of these films, most likely, will beat them off.

Christopher Nolan first started working on the idea of ​​”Inception” in 2002, but then he was not yet ready for the script, he was going to finish writing in a couple of months. And he did not graduate until eight years later. In 2008, Marion Cotillard and Ellen Page, both received Oscar nominations for Best Actress. The statuette went to Cotillard.

“Inception” is the first film since the director’s full-length debut, based on the original script. Another paradox lies in the fact that the “superconceptual” movie, the essence of which, allegedly, could not be understood even by the actors filmed in it, turned out, yes, large-scale, expensive – and quite transparent. Nolan completed the original synopsis, naturally, according to the supposed sensation, he created a clear structure, where there was no more room for revelations and romantic speculation, except for the finale, where, choosing from two options, you also won’t run away too much.

Forrest Gump Full Movie

We recommend watching the Forrest Gump full movie. Forrest Gump tells the story of his amazing life, in which he managed to become a famous football player, war hero, strong businessman, shrimp catcher, billionaire and just a man. His kindness and sincerity touched the hearts of everyone he ever met, but for him there is only one person in the whole world – a girl with whom he was friends in childhood and whom he can never forget.

One of the most famous films by Robert Zemeckis “Forrest Gump” has rightfully become a classic of world movie. Winner of six Oscar awards, this film does not leave the third line of the rating of the 250 best films. Now you can also appreciate this cult film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Winston Groom when you watch online “Forrest Gump” in our Internet cinema. Forrest Gump is a feeble-minded young man, kind, open and ingenuous.

He sits on a park bench and tells his life story to everyone who joins him. Every story he tells is incredible: he becomes a famous football player, then a famous war hero, then a tennis player, then an Apple owner and a billionaire. He succeeds in everything, for whatever he undertakes. But he does not need this, because the only thing he dreams of is the reciprocity of the girl with whom he was friends in childhood and with whom he has been in love ever since. But the girl has grown up and dreams of a big and bright love not with a feeble-minded and naive, albeit kind and sincere, Forrest.

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