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Indian cinema cannot be confused with any other. This is the layer of cinematography that most viewers, without further ado, simply love. Often, Indian films are watched with pleasure even by those who consider it frivolous and will never admit their sympathy.

Why? The answer to this question is very simple: because Indian cinema is colorful fairy tales with beautiful songs, fiery dances, with beauties, from whom it is impossible to take your eyes off. The list of films released by Bollywood throughout its history is quite impressive. Radha cinemas are no exception.

Сharacteristics of Indian cinema

Songs and dances are characteristic of Indian cinema. With the help of them, films often show what the actor feels or wants. Therefore, musical shots are deliberately made unreal so that the audience does not take them literally. Actors in films rarely sing themselves.

Most of the songs are performed by popular singers, so almost all pop music in India is movie soundtracks. For the modern viewer, constant dances and songs in Indian cinema sometimes seem inappropriate and funny, therefore there are many anecdotes and jokes about dancing and songs in Indian cinema.

Another hallmark of Bollywood films is the mix of storylines. One film can contain elements of comedy, romance, action, and drama. This is done to attract the largest possible number of viewers. In India, the whole family often goes to the cinema, as everyone will find something for themselves in the film. In Indian cinema, such films are called masala (spicy mixture).

Bollywood is much more popular than it might seem at first glance. He has fans all over the world. He is especially loved in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Therefore, if you are not familiar with Indian cinema, we recommend watching a couple of films to have an idea of ​​the largest film industry on our planet.

Mighty Raju Rio Calling full movie

In his youth, Raju inherited from his mother a powerful force, thanks to which he is capable of great deeds. The boy’s father was a scientist and invented a great invention, thanks to which the mother of this baby transmitted superhuman strength. A team led by Swami arrived on Earth to find the meteor and take it for long-term storage. Murphy, out of curiosity, touches a meteor and begins to show signs of power from the first minutes.

However, the team does not attach any importance to this, without understanding what happened. Raju is attending school and this is the very morning when the school bus is waiting for you, and you run with all you might not miss it. Raju jumps into the door of the bus and sees a high mountain in the middle of the road that appears suddenly in a matter of seconds.

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