Interesting film news today

What interesting film news today did we learn? Zac Efron will play one of the main roles in the film adaptation of the fantasy novel Firestarter. Let’s find out the details.

According to the plot of the book, experiments were carried out on people in a secret laboratory using a new psychotropic drug. The subjects included students Vicki and Andy, who weren’t crazy like many of the participants. They got married a few years later and had a daughter, Shirley. She gained the ability to ignite objects with her gaze. The secret laboratory found out about her supernatural gift and decided to kidnap the girl to use it to her advantage.

The new film will be directed by Keith Thomas and Scott Tims will write the script. It will be produced by Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions and Weed Road Productions. Details about the rest of the cast and the start of filming have yet to be announced.

Serial adaptation of “Gentlemen”

British director Guy Ritchie will be making a serial adaptation of his film Gentlemen. He will direct, write and executive produce the project, Deadline reports. Before becoming a full-length film, “Gentlemen” was conceived in the format of the series. It will be produced by Miramax studio. Information about the cast and plot has not yet been announced.

Guy Ritchie’s thriller was released in February 2020, becoming the director’s highest-grossing film. The film tells the story of a talented Oxford graduate who invented an illegal enrichment scheme using the estates of the impoverished English aristocracy. However, when he decided to sell his business to an influential clan of US billionaires, no less charming, but tough gentlemen stood in his way.

Clash of the Titan’s Full Movie

The picture “Clash of the Titans”, being a remake of the film of the same name, arouses sincere interest that only a few places of action and the names of the characters have in common with the original. Otherwise, we have two films that are completely different in their atmosphere. At the same time, it should be noted that the modern version, having received the support of the audience, turned out to be so in demand that the story was continued in the sequel.

A decade after the heroic victory over the monstrous Kraken, Perseus – a demigod, the son of Zeus – is trying to live the quiet life of a village fisherman and a single father, raising his ten-year-old son Gelius.

At the same time, a power struggle begins between the titans and the gods. The Olympians, who have lost their former devotion to the people, lose control over the prison in which the titans and their leader Kronos, the fierce parent of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, are imprisoned. Long ago, this trinity overthrew his father, leaving him to rot in the depths of Tartarus, in a dungeon located in the depths of the underground world teeming with caves.

Perseus cannot ignore the call of blood when Hades and the divine son of Zeus, Ares, betray the gods and agree with Kronos to seize Zeus. The power of the Titans grows, while the power of the King of the Gods is weakening, and the forces of Hades are looking for a way to break through to earth.

Enlisting the support of the warrior queen Andromeda, the demigod and son of Poseidon Argenor and the outcast god Hephaestus, Perseus bravely embarks on a perilous journey through the underworld to save Zeus, overthrow the Titans and save humanity.

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