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During the quarantine period due to the coronavirus, several online cinemas offered free subscriptions to users. Now, watching your favorite internet movies has become even more convenient.

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New film from the series “Resident Evil”. Constantin Film Studio is launching a new film from the “Resident Evil” series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this is a kind of history of the origin of the franchise, based on the popular Capcom video games.

Streaming service Netflix and Capcom have announced that the animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will be released on the platform next year. The announcement was made as part of the Tokyo Games Show 2020 event.

The creators describe the genre of the project as Horror Anime, judging by the first teaser, we are waiting for a relatively good computer graphics. The plot of the series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will unfold around the heroes Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy, who have met in several games in the Resident Evil franchise.

The series will be produced and supervised by Hiroyuki Kobayashi of Capcom and TMS Entertainment (Akira, Lupine III). Animation will be handled by Quebico, which previously worked on the animated film Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017).

Recall that in the summer, Netflix ordered a game series based on the Resident Evil franchise, which will be developed by the authors of Supernatural and The Walking Dead. The series will tell about the fate of Albert Wesker’s daughters (Jade and Billy), and events will develop in two time periods – before the T-virus got out into the wild and after this event.

Who can become the new Black Panther?

The sudden death of Chadwick Boseman, who plays the superhero Black Panther in the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has led studio head Kevin Feige to find and choose again. Who will become the new Black Panther? We Got This Covered claims that Marvel already has the perfect candidate for the role.

According to rumors, over time, as Feige had planned, the suit was supposed to go to Shuri, but this should not have happened so soon. Considering how much screen time was devoted to this heroine, as well as the fact that she, along with Okoye (leader of Dora Milaje, a detachment of female bodyguards of the King of Wakanda) and Black Panther, appeared in the movie “Avengers: Endgame”, this character was prepared become part of a new phase in the development of the cinematic universe.

Conan the Barbarian moved to Netflix

The series of novels by Robert Howard about Conan the Barbarian will find new life in the form of a series from Netflix, assures Deadline. The streaming service managed to acquire the rights to create TV series and films, and now they are looking for a screenwriter for future film adaptation.

This will be the fifth game adaptation of Howard’s works. In 1982, Arnold Schwarzenegger first appeared in the form of the famous hero in John Milius’s film “Conan the Barbarian”, and two years later the sequel “Conan the Destroyer” was released. In the new millennium, Conan managed to visit Jason Momoa. There is also a TV series with Ralf Möller. In 2017, the universe created the popular online role-playing game Conan Exiles.

In February 2018, it became known that the series about the Hyborian era will be run by Amazon. The script for the show was prepared by Ryan Condal, and the director of Game of Thrones, Miguel Sapochnik, and executive producer of Fargo, Warren Littlefield, were going to work on it.

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