To call ‘Bloody Homecoming’ a pastiche feels like a kindness  but considering director Brian C.Weed seems to be aiming for self-aware, parody- said description may not be taken as such.  It throws a handful of Glee rejects, including M Night Shyamalan in his best Big Bang Theory get up, through the well-worn conventions of the typical 80s teen slashathon.

Familiarity kicks in early on as our Scooby gang is involved in the accidental death of a seedy, rape enthusiast, co-student during a fire at their annual homecoming gig.  One year later and the guilt tinged group start to receive blood soaked notes declaring “I Know What You Did Last Summer!”  No, wait- “Happy Homecoming!”  And just in case you suspected business wasn’t meant, our heroes are massacred one by one by a gentleman in a fireman’s outfit (  Presumably all other costumes have now been crossed off the slasher list). 

And has our assorted bunch meander about trying to discover the identity of the culprit they get up to all sorts of devilish shenanigans- a couple of times they even drink alcohol! An act they frequently treat as extra naughty and downright sneaky which is admittedly a little bizarre considering the fact that they all look at least thirty two years old.  It calls for a huge suspension  in disbelief when you’re watching them hiding it from teachers who seem to be merely a couple of years their senior.

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