“ Are you kidding me? Whoever made this must be a fucking nutcase!” The whisperer to my left during tonight’s viewing of Macabre is either not too used to extreme spatter such as this or is particularly offended by the crescendo of rampant gore and viscera on display before us during the Mo Brother’s (Timo Tjhjanto and Kimo Stamboel) début effort. ‘Nutcase?’

I can’t help but wonder what my fellow viewer’s reaction would be if they ever find themselves in a screening of ABCS Of Death and Tjhajanto’s segment of the horror anthology, a sexual horror comedy, ‘L is For Libido’. I’m sure it’s of no surprise to the less hysterical (that would be the large majority of readers) that upon meeting Timo, his demeanour is far from the unsettling intensity you would expect from a guy whose films are designed to shock you. Welcoming, laid back and personable, Tjhajanto (pronounced ‘Giant-toe’) certainly doesn’t appear to be any kind of ‘nutcase’, to borrow a term from my whispering fellow viewer.

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