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Telugu movies online on Filmy Punjab

Telugu Movies are renowned across India for their action, thriller and actors. These movies are absolute mood-lifters and refresh our boring days immediately. Telugu films have enough plug in their storylines to keep you glued to the screen. Many people who don’t know the language, love watching Telugu films with subtitles because of the respect for the cinema. However, these OTT platforms and other streaming websites burn a hole in the viewers’ pockets. 

Therefore, it is not feasible for everyone to be able to watch quality content from these sites. To beat that, the website Filmy Punjab offers free streaming of the latest and popular Telugu movies and more. Yes, it offers renowned and famous movies for free of cost. All that you have to do is visit their site Isn’t it easy and exciting? With just a few clicks you will land on a website that offers amazing movies of different languages for free. 

Now, don’t worry about the quality of the movies as the website provides top-notch quality of the films. Yes, you must be amazed but this is not it. Filmy Punjab offers Telugu movies and other content in High Definition (HD) quality. What more can one ask for now? So many types of movies and shows in HD quality is unbelievable and unimaginable! 

The website also offers a short snippet of the movies that you click on. This enhances the user experience and makes them more comfortable with the website. Like this, the person will be certain of watching a particular movie. Now watching movies online has become easy, feasible and smooth because of Filmy Punjab. 

Some famous Telugu Movies on Filmy Punjab are-

  1. Pogaru
  2. Inspector Vikram
  3. North Chennai
  4. Howla Howla
  5. Kadampari
  6. Ghost Wife
  7. Cobra 2 and many more. 

You can watch these movies free of cost. Also, not only can you stream them online but you can download the movies too. Yes! That does sound like a dream come true. This feature is given for the viewers’ ease. If you know you would enter the no-internet or weak-internet zone, then for those times you can make use of the ‘Download’ feature on the website. So, yes the website does provide both the facilities of streaming movies online and downloading them too. 

Content on Filmy Punjab except for Telugu movies-

  1. Bollywood Movies
  2. Malayalam Movies
  3. TV Shows
  4. Chinese Movies
  5. Australian Movies
  6. Hollywood Movies

We know that you are astonished for sure. You can watch Chinese and Australian movies online too along with TV Shows, Hindi and Malayali films. Now, watching your favourite latest and popular films has become easier. Also, do you know that you can filter content on this website using year, genre, language and more? You can find movies segregated into around 37 genres. They are Kids, Horror, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Thriller, War and many more. 

So, if there is a film on your mind then just make use of the Search bar. Type the name of the movie you wish to watch and the website will offer names similar to your choice. Start binge-watching then! The website also suggests several trending movies on its homepage. Who knew that watching television shows and movies online would be so easy and fun?

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So its coming close to that time of year again – Women In Horror Month. 
Who is it all really for? Do we not perpetually honour our scream queens by watching their movies for the hundredth time and queuing up for hours at conventions to pay top dollar for a few seconds of their time and an autograph?



Currently in production and flying the flag for the British independent horror is Simeon Halligan’s White Settlers, starring genre actress favourite, Pollyanna McIntosh – most of you are more than likely familiar with her spectacular performance in the titular role of Lucky Mckee’s The Woman.



To call ‘Bloody Homecoming’ a pastiche feels like a kindness  but considering director Brian C.Weed seems to be aiming for self-aware, parody- said description may not be taken as such.  It throws a handful of Glee rejects, including M Night Shyamalan in his best Big Bang Theory get up, through the well-worn conventions of the typical 80s teen slashathon.